Sell & License Digital Content on Web3

Licens is a decentralized licensing platform for content creators. As a creator, you can license your content directly to end-users on your own terms and issue NFTs as the proof of copyright licenses.


Our mission is to bring freedom, control, fairness, transparency, and trust back to all creators with the cutting edge web3 technologies.


Creator Control

Choose the type of license to sell, set your prices, and connect directly with your audience from your branded store.

Zero Commission

Creators keep 100% of their royalties. A small transaction fee goes back into the Licens ecosystem.


All licenses will be minted into permanent, immutable NFTs on the blockchain to fully protect the rights and interests of both licenser and licensee.


All content is securely stored on IPFS distributed file system. Creators do not need to worry about censorship or disruption by any centralized party.

P2P Payment

No more minimal payout amount or settlement cycle. Creators get paid right away with peer-to-peer transactions.

Platform Ownership

Licens is aimed to evolve into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) governed by the community so that creators, licensees, developers, and partners can all enjoy the economic growth of the platform.

Use Cases

online streaming

Streaming License

Licensees can listen to, watch, or read licensed content onine for personal use. Creators can customize the licensing period, share, adapt and other terms. Suitable for selling audiobooks, audio shows, e-books, music and videos to consumers.

creative common

Royalty-free License

Licensees can use licensed content for personal or commercial use without paying royalties in the future. Creators can customize the authorization scope and usage scenarios. Suitable for selling stock photos, video, music, illustrations, templates and more.

copyright claim

Copyright License Registration

Creators negotiate the licensing deal directly with licensees and then register and mint the copyright license on the blockchain. Suitable for personal and business brand licensing, editorial content licensing, and any deal with continuous royalty.