A New Copyright Licensing Solution

Licens is building the next generation of commercial platform to publish, sell, license and manage copyright of digital content.


Wallet as Account

Connect crypto wallet to use the platform. All listings and licenses are tied with your wallet. Easily create a non-custodial crypto wallet with your email.

Multimedia Support

Content listing supports multiple files in various formats, such as photos, images, videos, music, and pdf documents.


Set gated or non-gated access on the file level in any listing. If tokengated, only license NFT holders can access the file.

Download or Stream

Set the delivery method on the file level in any listing, allowing users to download or stream the file.

Right Management

Add multiple copyright holders, property releases or model releases with royalty sharing percentage.

Price and Supply

Set your own license price and supply. Free license and unlimited supply are permitted.

Exclusive Licensing Option

Allow exclusive license on any listing. If the listing hasn't licensed before, user can purchase exclusive license with surcharge.

Your Own Store and Brand

Every creator has their own store to build up their own brand and connect with users directly.

NFT Licenses

All licenses are minted as NFT on the blockchain and all transaction records are shown on the listing page.

Distributed Storage

All content is stored on IPFS. License NFT holders can visit their content without worrying censorship and service disruption.

Multiple Payment Methods

Support fiat currency transactions with credit card and alipay, as well USDC stablecoin with crypto wallets.

P2P Payout

After a small transaction fee, pay out all royalty revenue to creators right away.