Build A Valuable Web3 Product

Back in 2017, when I was working on my second startup, my investor introduced me to Bitcoin. I was not very interested in blockchain at the time and was skeptical about Bitcoin. While working at SHOPIFY in 2021, I gradually developed a strong interest in blockchain and Web 3.0. I read a lot of books on blockchain and tokenomics, and graduated from the Draper x Vechain Fellowship Program. Based on my own working experience in the web 2.0 top companies, I deeply feel the limitations of web 2.0 and firmly believe in the concept of decentralization and the underlying value of the blockchain technology. I believe that it's very possible to create a new business model in web 3.0. With this belief, I created LICENS with several like-minded friends. Our team has decades of working experience in major companies such as Shutterstock, Shopify, and Google. Our team maintains the spirit of continuous learning and are exploring this new field together. If you agree with our philosophy and are interested in what we are building, please feel free to contact me.

Kai Chu

Founder & CEO
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